My name is Anh Vo. I am an aspiring choreographer and performance theorist from Vietnam, currently earning a B.A. in Performance Studies at Brown University. Writing-wise, I am currently obsessing over post-structuralist theories, slowly but gradually chewing on authors such as Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guatarri, Michel Foucault, Paul Preciado, José Muñoz and Judith Butler. As a choreographer, my research problems deal with what life is, why we live, who we are, where we are situated in the world and how we can make the world a better place. One of my recurring questions has been How much of my body is mine?, which has resulted in my first evening-length piece Interbeing (2016). My current research focuses on desire, pleasure, sexuality and pornography – how these supposedly private realms of the body are part of a network of power relations, a choreography that poses a threat to our liberation.

For more (or probably less) information, please visit my (unfinished) website: http://anhqvo.com

Cult Plastic is my personal experimentation with writing, ideas, and thoughts regarding contemporary performances, arts and culture. It is created as an outlet for me to process the 2017 American Realness Festival; but hopefully it will sediment into a long-term habit of examining the daily world and will hold me accountable for regularly performing (i.e. blogging) that examination. A lot of posts will take the format of a performance review – but rather than rating a performance on a scale of one to ten, I will only use it as a proposition for me to contemplate about my own performance practice and to situate myself within the larger world. As such, the readers will probably not have a sense of how the performance looks like but rather leave with a sense of what the performance performs from my singular perspective.