Photo Credit: Trey Thomas


My name is Anh Vo. I am a Vietnamese choreographer, dancer, theorist, and activist. I create dances and produce texts about pornography and queer relations, about being and form, about identity and abstraction, about history and its colonial reality. Currently based in Brooklyn, I earn my degrees in Performance Studies from Brown University (BA) and New York University (MA). In addition to this writing for this blog, I am the Co-Editor of Critical Correspondence.

For more (or perhaps less) information, please visit my personal website.

About CultPlastic

CultPlastic is my personal experimentation with writing, ideas, and thoughts regarding contemporary performances, arts, pornography, and pop culture. The blog was first created as an amorphous outlet for me to process the 2017 American Realness Festival, serving solely as a narcissistic project with which I could do whatever. As Cultplastic gained momentum and reached beyond my immediate social circle, I started giving more concrete and coherent form to the texts in order to get out of the self-centered mode of writing and to cultivate a more symbiotic relationship with my readers. Yet, the early narcissism remains imperative: to write from the self, to experiment with the self, to embrace an expansive sense of the self – the self is contagious in its boundless potential and urgency.

A lot of posts take the format of a performance review – but rather than rating a performance on a scale of one to ten, I will only use it as a proposition for me to contemplate about my own performance practice and to situate myself within the larger world. As such, the readers will probably not have a picture of how the performance looks like but rather leave with a sense of what the performance performs from my singular perspective.