Black Success, Black Joy, and Black Excellence Within the Theatrical Architecture of Whiteness – jumatatu m. poe & Donte Beacham: Let ‘im Move You… (2018)

Let ‘im Move You is a series of choreographic works initiated in 2010 by jumatatu m. poe, Donete Beacham, and LaKendrick Davis. Currently spawning three pieces – A Study, This Is A Success, and Intervention – Let ‘im Move You researches into J-Sette performance, using its movement and its formal structure as a launchpad to investigate the intersection of blackness and […]

American Realness: Where is the Economic Real Talk?

The festival features dance, theater, performance, and song-based performance artists who employ experimental tactics in their performance works. These include performative realness, self reflexivity, make believe, transformation, the ecstatic body, and an interplay between spectacle and banality. The artists of American Realness are creating theater that engages audiences with a rich perceptual experience of light, […]

Juliana May: Adult Documentary

This one is probably the trickiest one to write because Juliana is the only choreographer at American Realness Festival whom I know personally. I also happen to have studied with her extensively last summer at American Dance Festival and she also happens to be one of my favorite people in the world. I am saying this not […]

Mx. Oops/ Wendell Cooper: Carrying Capacity

This is probably the weirdest experience I have had throughout the whole festival. I am saying this not because the piece itself is weird but because it resembles my latest piece Interbeing too much. I have been joking with my friends that Carrying Capacity is the black version of Interbeing but frankly it has never been a joke (in fact, there […]