Anh Vo – Interbeing (2016)

Interbeing (2016) is my first evening-length work, which was presented by Production Workshop at Brown University last December. It is a piece built on eight dancers and non-dancers alike which is developed intensively over a long period of time, marking the first time that I truly immerse in a creative process. Interbeing: The suggested replacement word […]

The privileged male dancer

The privileged male dancer is everywhere in the dance world. The privileged male dancer is made possible thanks to the unprivileged female dancer, and the non-existent gender non-binary dancer. The privileged male dancer can start dancing in his 20s and go on to have a long-lasting successful dance career, unparalleled by his female colleagues. He […]

Dancing is talking, Talking is dancing

Dancing is talking Talking is dancing Dancing is talking and not talking Talking is dancing and not dancing Not dancing is not talking and not not talking Not talking is not dancing and not not dancing Dancing is not dancing Talking is not talking Not dancing is not not dancing Not talking is not not […]