The Colonizer as Decolonizer// The Colonized as the decolonized: Jérôme Bel on choreographing as an act of resistance in the nineties.

This excellent post is written by one of my friends Emily Barasch. This is the first time I experiment with guest-blogging, and with my role as an editor because after I was first approached by Emily, it felt important to expand my singular perspective on this blog as Cult Plastic gains momentum. If you are […]

Maria Hassabi – PLASTIC

I watched this piece at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) almost a year ago, which makes it rather bizarre that I am publishing a post about it now. There seems to be a constant fear in dance that we need to capture as much as we can before it fleets away: we need photos, […]

Juliana May: Adult Documentary

This one is probably the trickiest one to write because Juliana is the only choreographer at American Realness Festival whom I know personally. I also happen to have studied with her extensively last summer at American Dance Festival and she also happens to be one of my favorite people in the world. I am saying this not […]